Looking for team away day ideas with a wellbeing focus?

If you're looking for team away day ideas that integrate wellbeing activities then The Falcon at Castle Ashby should be on your shortlist.

Trying to find a new and motivating approach to team away days can be a bit of a headache for teams who have seen everything and done it all before. There’s only so many go karting and paintball adventures you can go on without it all feeling a bit tired. But if you’re looking for team away day ideas that also integrate wellbeing, to rejuvenate and inspire your team, then we think we might have a few surprises for you here at The Falcon.

A meetings and conferences venue with wellbeing at its core

The Falcon at Castle Ashby is a bit different from other meetings and conferences venues. The concept and design of the hotel and its surroundings have been firmly rooted in health and wellbeing. Everything about the hotel is focused on it being a place for retreat and renewal.

Connect with nature

Getting outdoors is essential for our physical and mental health, not only for the chance to enjoy the fresh air, but also to feel more connected to the world around us. Connection with nature and green spaces has been proven to lift mood and reduce stress. We can tailor nature walks for your group that will give your team access to unique, under-explored areas of 10,000 acres of the historic Castle Ashby estate, leaving them feeling energised and motivated – before or after your conference sessions.

Refresh mind and body

An away day at The Falcon can help your team focus on their physical and mental wellbeing in our glorious and peaceful setting. Bespoke yoga sessions, carefully crafted for different abilities in your team, will help develop strength and flexibility through asanas (postures) whilst inspiring confidence and wellbeing. Incorporating breath, movement and relaxation, yoga sessions will replenish and balance the mind, body and soul.

We also offer an unique open water swimming experience here at our private lake in Castle Ashby. The lake was designed by Capability Brown and is overlooked by Castle Ashby and the Norman Church of Mary Magdelene, providing a magical place to swim. There are a huge amount of benefits associated with open water swimming such as improved sleep and mood.

Food and drink with a focus on health and wellbeing

Respecting the local landscape, our chefs work hand-in-hand with local farmers, estate gamekeepers and nurseries, wherever they can, to create menus that showcase sustainable produce that is grown, harvested and reared from within the 10,500 acre Castle Ashby Estate wherever possible – focused on health and wellbeing. Our chefs can create the perfect menu for your away day. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available on request.

We’d be delighted to discuss any of your team away day ideas to create an unique and memorable event that will leave your team feeling refreshed, renewed and invigorated.

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