Connect. Move. Feel the energy.

With weekly yoga classes, plus a range of other wellness options, The Falcon is one of the few places in Northamptonshire that helps you target your physical and mental wellbeing in such a peaceful setting. Make today the start of being the best version of yourself.


Hatha Yoga

This Hatha Yoga class helps develop strength and flexibility through asanas (postures) whilst inspiring confidence and wellbeing for all. Incorporating breath, movement and relaxation, these effective practices will replenish and balance the mind, body and soul.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate.

£12 per person

Hatha Flow Yoga

This hatha-inspired flow class connects breath and movement in fluid and dynamic sequences. An inspiring challenge and faster pace for those who have attended hatha or flow yoga classes before and are keen to challenge themselves on the mat.

£12 per person


This dynamic class combines breath and movement into sequences of poses designed to lengthen and strengthen the body. A great challenge for regular yogis whilst also catering for those seeking to develop strength as part of their practice. The result is a yoga practice that builds strength and flexibility within the body and promotes positivity and focus of the mind. 

Suitable for intermediate to advanced level.
£12 per class


Take time to reinvest in embodied self-care through the therapeutic, nourishing practice of Restorative Yoga. This is the slowest and most accessible style of yoga, during the 90-minute class, the body is supported in positions of ease and comfort with Wellness Studio props, such as blankets, bolsters and yoga blocks, to facilitate relaxation and health.

£16 per person


This dynamic, energising, and uplifting Mat Pilates class is based on Joseph Pilates original principles. Every class aims to lengthen, strengthen, and challenge the whole body, with a focus on posture, control and balance. This class is suitable for all levels including ante and postnatal women.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates

£12 per person



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