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Find harmony & balance

With monthly meditation sessions and workshops, The Falcon is one of the few places in Northamptonshire that helps you target your physical and mental wellbeing in such a peaceful setting. Make today the start of being the best version of yourself.


Take intentional deep rest with crystal sounds and essential oils.

This powerful session is a full body sensory experience, where we deepen our connection to body and mind through our senses. As its name implies it is an experience of reawakening our energies, following with deep relaxation and restoration with Lisa’s Crystal Sound Bath immersion. 

This two-hour session is £40, including essential oils to take home, and a cup of tea after the experience.


Join our meditation expert, Catherine for a deeply restorative, meditative experience outdoors in the beautiful, natural surroundings of Castle Ashby.

Walking meditation is a great way to slow down, switch off and re-discover the innate silent stillness that’s within us all. Different to a hike, ramble or nature walk – where we’re physically engaged and active – walking in silence using yogic breathing and mindfulness techniques with intentionality reconnects us beyond our busy minds to our true nature and Nature itself.

When we walk without the need to rush, talk or get somewhere, we become immersed in the present moment. Tension, worries and anxieties begin to melt away. We feel the simple pleasure and joy of each step, each breath, the earth beneath our feet, the fresh air on our skin.

Each session is different, an immersion in the wonderful flora and fauna of Castle Ashby gardens and arboretum, no matter what the weather. Rain drops, the wind in our hair and squelch of mud under our feet are as welcome as warm sunshine on our faces. Becoming attuned to the changes of the season in this way helps boost our overall sense of wellbeing.

All of this elevates our mood and becomes a deeply relaxing and restorative process. It’s a way for all to enjoy meditation without having to be an experienced yogi sitting in Lotus position.

Catherine leads 60 minute Walking Meditation sessions once a month Saturday. Price £15. 

Gong Bath

Revel in the powerful and immersive Gong Bath experience with Kanti Freeman. Lie back and soak up the resonant healing tones from gongs, singing bowls and flutes which will make you feel more energised, calm, balanced and connected.

£30 per person


Many of us want to meditate – we intuitively know we need that re-connection beyond external distractions and our thoughts – but how do we get started? Join Catherine Turner to learn how at one of our monthly meditation classes.

£12 per person


Join one of our themed monthly breathwork workshops and learn some simple breathing techniques to find some balance, calm and deep rest.

£20 per person.



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